Place of Pink Seashells

By k.sykes


This refreshing twist on a classic gin martini is inspired by Cronulla Beach on the south coast of Sydney. Cronulla in the Aboriginal language translates to ‘place of pink seashells’ and is a wonderful source of local ingredients perfect for foraging and creating. With this in mind I was able to source some beautiful Pig Face Flowers with which I was able to turn into a pink tea. The tea provides a drink with a lovely earthy, herbal, and salty characteristic.

  • 15ml of Pig Face Flower Tea will be added to the drink.
  • 5ml of coconut syrup is added
  • A pinch of rock salt.
  • 60ml of The Botanist Islay Dry Gin.


All ingredients are stirred down with ice and strained into a martini glass. A lemon twist for garnish is used to provide the drink with a lovely fresh smell on sipping.

The Pig Face Flower was sourced locally from Cronulla Beach on the southern coast of Sydney. The flowers where placed into boiling water for 5-10mins extracting the earthy, and salty flavour of the petals as well with their beautiful colour into tea. The tea was further enhanced with crushed peppercorns which where left to sit in the tea for two minutes before they where removed.

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