Rested and Thankful

By Danny Whelan

  • 50ml Botanist Gin
  • 30ml Apple & Applemint Shrub
  • 10ml Japanese Knotweed & Sweet Cicely Liqueur
  • Top: Angelica Seed, Bog Myrtle & Sorrel Soda


Shaken over ice and served in a rocks glass, garnished with a sprig of fresh Applemint

A cocktail created over the course of a foraging journey from Glasgow to Islay, using a range of wild ingredients found along the way. The subtle menthol notes of The Botanist marry well with the Apple & Applemint Shrub, which lends tart apple notes and light acidity to the mix. The Knotweed & Sweet Cicely liqueur was created by foraging guru and friend Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods, adding depth and sweetness through the rhubarb and burnt orange tones of the Japanese Knotweed and the pastis-esque notes of the sweet Cicely liqueur giving an insight into the summer season we were waving farewell to.

To top off the drink, I created an angelica seed, bog myrtle & sorrel soda by adding the aforementioned wild botanicals to a soda siphon as the day went on, then adding fresh water and a CO2 cartridge to carbonate. This completes the cocktail, the bog myrtle and angelica seeds carry a deep spicy flavour that works great together while the sorrel adds a bright, citrus freshness reminding us of the lighter side of our Scottish later summer terroir.

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