Stirling Highway Rose Park

By Ydouzals

  • 45mL The Botanist Islay Dry Gin
  • 15mL Eucalyptus Sugar Syrup
  • 3 dashs Homemade “Foraged” Bitters
  • 30mL Fever Tree Tonic Water

A bittersweet playground of rose, lavender, eucalyptus, orange and something quite strange. Locally sourced ingredients bring out their Hebridean friends as chamomile, juniper and orange share the jungle gym. Port Charlotte makes an appearance as the smoking hot mother, happy to watch the kids play in the Perth sun.


Stir all ingredients briefly to chill, strain into a glass of your choice. Garnish with your choice of fragrant botanicals: I’ve picked a rose bud and some lavender to accentuate the bitter herbal notes and the sweet floral notes.

I had a few ideas in mind, but after actually walking around I found that many florae that are marked “in season” for spring are not actually fresh at the moment, with some under-ripe and some already drying out from the hot Perth sun. Rose was a surprising last addition as I walked across the road and noticed a beautifully blossoming bush, even though the ones in my own garden have not flowered yet.

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