The Cloud of Islay

By Fluid Movement

  • 50ml The Botanist
  • 25ml Lemon juice
  • 15ml Sugar syrup
  • 2 x dashes liquorice bitters
  • Topped with a wild rhubarb and gorse flower foam

Wild rhubarb acts to balance the flavors derived from the cinnamon bark and coriander seed. By suspending the foam atop the drink we offer a sweet and sour rhubarb foam before the acidity of a classic sour underneath.


Shake first four ingredients and double strain into a flute. Dispense the foam on top and serve. Glass: Flute. Garnish: Rhubarb and gorse flower foam.

Working with ingredients in season the rhubarb was harvested by somebody else and purchased in its short season to incorporate into the twist on the classic sour. The slow blanching of the rhubarb releases its sweetness and as a product that not only is intrinsic to British cooking but also one of the first natural medicines the balance seemed perfect. Gorse flowers however were found and hand picked from Hampstead heath, as one of the Botanists botanicals the flavors balanced perfectly. Where: Hampstead heath for the gorse flowers, Kent for the rhubarb, United Kingdom. When: February 2014. Plants found: Gorse flowers and rhubarb.

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