The dreamtime crusta

By teknikolored


An aperitivo from the dreamtime. The dessert peach is freshly picked and combined with the essences of islay found in the botanist gin, and steeped to create an infused, summery complex gin. Fresh citrus, berries, and floral tones combine to create the introduction to the foraged series, its aromas water the mouth; its taste quenches the thirst of the drought stricken wanderer and prepares them for something more.

Into a boston shaker, pour…

  • 45ml of quandong infused botanist gin
  • 10ml of Cointreau
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 2 drops of cherrybark vanilla bitters (made by bittercube)
  • Add ice and shake hard


Rim a cocktail glass with citrus, then rim with geraldton wax sugar. Double strain the drink into the glass, and enjoy.

The quandong – “the dessert peach”. Found in arid regions, and a truly unique Australian fruit. Trees range from 2-3m in height, and fruit between oct – feb. small round red berries about 3cm diameter with a stone kernel centre (rich in oil). Used by natives and European settlers for medicinal, culinary, cultural and drinking purposes. Can be eaten raw, stewed, macerated, or dried. Unique citrus-tart-berry flavours from their yellow flesh. Ripe, refreshing, and rich in vitamin c.

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