The Moorland Martini

By Fluid Movement

  • 50ml The Botanist
  • 5ml Seaweed and moss dry PX sherry distillate

This earthy twist on the classic martini takes locally sourced wild moss and Polzeath beach seaweed which is redistilled under pressure to create a delicate, grassy and earthy dry sherry to perfectly enhance the already existing flavors present in The Botanist. The garnish is a rhubarb and gorse flower jelly made using agar-agar.


Stir ingredients with ice and double strain. Glass: Martini. Garnish: Seaweed, moss, gorse flowers.

On a visit to the beautiful Cornish coast I came across some seaweed on Polzeath beach. Considering the maritime characteristics showcased by this it became apparent that a natural accompaniment would be Pedro Ximenez sherry. On reflection and having stumbled across some wild moss on Hampstead heath I distilled the moss with seaweed and dry sherry to create a savoury distillate perfectly balanced against the Botanist. Where: Seaweed from Polzeath beach, Cornwall. The wild moss was found on Hampstead heath along with the gorse flowers, North west London. When: February 2014. Plants found: Seaweed, Moss, Fern, gorse flowers.