The Pict and the Plum

By the mack of the year


Inspired from my Scottish heritage and current ties to Australia and the coastal/hinterland region of the Northern Rivers I call home. The Pict and the Plum is a testament to both great lands. Drawn from the classic creation of sloe gin and the often overlooked Gin Old Fashioned, Australian foraged ingredients have been combined to create a Davidson Plum Botanist and Nasturtium Gin Old Fashioned.

  • 60mL The Botanist Gin (infused with macerated Davidson plums and sugar) The sugar is necessary to ensure the plum juice is extracted from the fruit. The more time infused the better. Ideally for a minimum of one week unless heated at a constant temperature.
  • 15mL sugar syrup infused with Nasturtium flowers (both the green leaves and coloured flowers are used as they both have a fresh spicy and peppery flavour)
  • 1 decent dash of Bittered Sling – Orange and Juniper Bitters (balances the tart, spice and sweetness of the ingredients).
  • Nasturtium leaf garnish


All ingredients stirred over ice in a mixing glass then strained over a single ice chunk (Davidson plum and Nasturtium petal frozen in cube).

Foraged ingredients found wild around Byron Bay, Mullumbimby and the Tweed Coast.

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