Ugly Betty’s Boys

By j.kemp

  • 40ml Botanist Gin
  • 20ml Wild Nettle Cordial
  • 10ml Wild Dandelion, tonic and Lemongrass Syrup
  • 25ml Hibiscus Tea
  • 15ml Le Reviseur Cognac

Nettle Cordial: 200g of Wild Nettles were picked and washed. Then steeped over night in a solution of hot water, caster sugar and citric acid. A few pinches of salt were added for balance and then the cordial was strained off and transferred to a sterile bottle.

Dandelion and Lemongrass Syrup: 200g of Wild Dandelion petals were picked and rinsed then lemongrass and juniper berries were added to 1L of tonic water and reduced by half. Then 300g of caster sugar was added and stirred until dissolved.


Stirred, Served straight up with a wild Thyme Bouquet

The foraging took place on the 14th of April on a beautiful sunny day in Glasgow and 12th April in Mugdock Park. Many laughs were had with resident Finnieston Photographer Julija Bernatovica and many excited puppies were played with on our travels through Kelvingrove Park. We came across a dense nettle garden on the banks of the Kelvin and with a few bloomin’ annoying stings, a good amount were foraged. The Dandelions and Wild Thyme were foraged in Mugdock Park on a disgustingly wet and muddy day wading through weeds, high grass and dog crap.

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