A Walk Among The Gum Trees

By Powers


A lovely refreshing mix, with just a hint of floral smoke, a mix of Botanist Islay Gin, fresh lemon & ginger, with a splash of apple juice, some lemon aspen, a eucalyptus sugar syrup to tie it all together & a dash of egg white for a creamy finish. This tipple is served under a cloche filled with eucalyptus smoke as a homage to both the smokey Islay flavours and Australia’s native ingredients.

  • 50ml Botanist Islay Gin
  • 15ml Eucalyptus Sugar Syrup
  • 20ml Lemon Juice
  • 20ml Apple Juice
  • 3 pieces muddled ginger
  • 3 Lemon Aspen Berries
  • Dash egg white


Muddle – Shake – Double Strain – Smoke

Eucalyptus: Potentially our most well known native flora. A member of the Myrtle family, and as such a bevy of lovely flavours lie beneath this humble ingredient. Perfect for infusions, lending a lemony softness to sugar syrups and teas. Ive also cold smoked the leaves which gives of an aroma that reminds me of bush walks from when i was younger.

Lemon Aspen: This is an extremely interesting ingredient, it gives a herbal sourness which is very restrained and balanced. Perfect for mixing in cocktails!

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