ElderFlower mint gin Martini Cocktail Recipe

Elderflower & Mint Martini

50ml The Botanist 10ml dry vermouth 5ml / tsp of elderflower…

Grapefruit and Thyme Gin & Tonic

Ice 35ml The Botanist Season: Spring

Bramble and Rosemary Gin & Tonic

Ice 35ml gin Season: Autumn

Peach and Chamomile Gin & Tonic

Ice 35ml gin Season: Summer

Clementine and Sage Gin & Tonic

Ice 35ml The Botanist Season: Winter

Rose Martini

50ml The Botanist 15ml Rosa Americano Dash grapefruit…

Chamomile & Orange Martini

50ml chamomile-infused The Botanist 10 ml bianco vermouth …

Pomegranate & Thyme Martini

50ml pomegranate-infused The Botanist 10ml bianco vermouth …

Wild Islay

Islay, a small Hebridean island in the teeth of the wild Atlantic ocean. Battered by wind and rain and two hours on the ferry from mainland Scotland.

Simmer Distillation

You really pick up the complexity in The Botanist Gin. It’s about the quality of the distillation bringing those flavours through.

Foraged Botanicals

It takes James 7 months every year to personally pick the botanical ingredients for our gin, leaf by leaf, flower by flower, when each plant is in its prime.
brining nettles and cleavers

Preservation - Brining

We've benefitted from Forager Liz Knight's writing and knowledge…
Philip Stark - USA

Philip Stark

Nick Liu - Canada

Nick Liu

Nick Weston: Forager & Chef - Sussex, England

Nick Weston

Vijay Mudaliar - Singapore

Vijay Mudaliar

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