Flavour Science

Chemistry as flavour science, helping us understand flavour compounds and the experiences of our senses. Also pieces about how The Botanist is distilled.

Making London Dry Gin, in Islay

We call The Botanist an ‘Islay Dry Gin’. What's the story…
The Botanist Islay Aged Gin


It's been a long time coming, but finally the day has arrived…
plant families

Plant Families

Plant families cross the world. They connect a thing that is…


Terpenes are the bringers of rain, the means of communication between bacteria and fungi, they can cheer us up and they can be key in what we smell and taste.

Myrcene - the wonder Terpene

edible summer flowers prep in kitchen

Freezing edible Summer flowers

Liz Knight of forage fine foods advises which edible summer flowers freeze well, and shares ideas about ways to use them at a later date.
Freezing flowers - edible cherry blossom
foraged Islay plants, ingredients in the botanist gin

What Plants Are in The Botanist Gin?

The plants, or "botanicals" foraged on Islay were chosen for both their individual properties and for how they complemented one another.
edible flowers violets

Edible flowers you can freeze - early spring

At the core of my little preserving business are edible flowers; most of my products I make play host to flowers gathered in their prime, full of perfume & promise.
foraged liquorice fern bitters Ellen zachos

Make Your Own Bitters

Anyone who appreciates a craft cocktail knows that bitters are essential to the well-stocked liquor cabinet.
artemisia absinthium

The Louche effect and anethole

The Louche effect shows what happens when a drink containing anethole has water added to it.
ellen tinctures - yarrow

Seasonal Tinctures

finished tinctures by Ellen Zachos

Tinkering with Tinctures

Ellen Zachos first learned to make tinctures years ago as a botany student at the New York Botanic Garden
Pinene is found in spruce

Pining for Pinene

A look at Pinene flavour compound and the opportunities it offers for flavour combinations, by chef Craig Grozier.
A Botanist Gin Cocktail - London Cocktail Week 2016

London Cocktail Week 2016

Our presence at London Cocktail Week this year centres around serves bar Blixen, near Spitalfields Market at the East side of the city
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