Inspiration from our foraging community and notes from the wild. Includes ‘the botanist raw’ series of iPhone videos.

Lady's bedstraw drying

Here and Now - July

The summer months have proffered a long, hot and dry season here taking us all quite aback on Islay. With weeks of sunshine and no rain...
Forager Summit 2018

Foragers Summit 2018

The Botanist Wild Rosehip Syrup - Kate Hannett

Kate's Wild Rosehip Syrup

Along wooded pathways to the north east of Islay can be found clumps of wild field roses and I gathered some of their few rosehips last month
picking rose petals to infuse in gin

How to Make Infused Gin

Our homemade rose petal-infused gin has been a hit as of late on the Laddieshop's Botanist tours, having been used in a couple of our featured cocktails.
Scratch foraged Islay grenadine

A Scratch Grenadine

Flicking through Harry Craddock's Savoy Cocktail Book recently, I was struck by how many of these recipes that have stood the test of time called for grenadine.
Beginner's cocktails by Hannah Carmichael

Foraging - it takes your brain to another dimension

At the beginning of May, I took up my new role, Professional Forager for The Botanist. Yes, that’s a real thing, and about the most exciting opportunity I could imagine.
Get Set to make seasonal bitters tinctures at Bruichladdich

Beginner's Tinctures

The plan was to make a range of tinctures, that we could use as cocktail bitters, using four different plants
wild inspiration with Mark Williams
here and now foraging blog at bruichladdich - A lunchtime walk

Here and Now - a lunchtime walk

A lunchtime stroll around the distillery perimeter yesterday revealed all sorts of edible plants, at an interesting intersection of promise and abundance
Foraged Spring pickings from Bridgend

Here and Now - Spring

Foraged Spring pickings from around Islay
birch sap season

Birch Sap Rhapsody

Birch sap is rising. Break a twig from a birch tree and within moments pearls of clear magical birch water will start to drip out.
Sea lettuce, an easy seaweed

Sea lettuce

SEA LETTUCE - Ulva lactuca - and species of the Ulva genus are some of the easiest seaweeds to identify.
pepper dulse

Pepper Dulse seaweed

What Does Here Taste Like? - Lime blossom linden infusion

What Does Here Taste Like?

It's not a question everyone asks themselves, but I bet most foragers do, 'What does here taste like?'.
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