Inspiration from our foraging community and notes from the wild. Includes ‘the botanist raw’ series of iPhone videos.

Mark Williams with the Botanist foragers bag

The Botanist Foragers Bag by Millican

With guidance from forager Mark Williams, The Botanist has been working with Millican to create the definitive Foragers Bag
Botanist Fragers Summit 2015

The first Islay Foragers Summit

The First Islay Foragers Summit is due to take place on Islay later this month. Over the last few years we have begun to explore the flavours of our island home
Brambles - or blackberries as they are  often called

Bramble Jelly

If you happen to catch a glimpse of the face of a bramble picker you may notice a stained corner of their brimming mouths giving them up as a pick-one-eat-one sort of forager.
Islay spring - Water Mint

Spring in Islay

We have been exploring Islay this week in spring bloom. Many of the botanicals we use in the distillation of the Botanist are at their best right now
The Foraged Island Botanicals

The Foraged Island Botanicals

The spirit would have been consumed young and there are tantalising clues that it may have been flavoured using local island botanicals. What were they?
The 22 botanicals
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