The Botanist Martini

The Botanist Martini

75ml (2.5 oz) The Botanist 15ml (0.5 oz) dry vermouth
Pink Peppercorn Martini

Pink Peppercorn Martini

70ml (2.5oz)The Botanist - pink peppercorn infused* 15ml (0.5oz)…
Pomegranate Martini

Pomegranate Martini

70ml (2.5 oz) The Botanist 1 heaped tablespoon fresh pomegranate…
Chamomile martini

Chamomile Martini

70ml (2.5 oz) The Botanist – chamomile tea infused* 15ml (0.5…
Olive Oil Martini

Olive Oil Martini

70ml (2.5 oz) The Botanist 15ml (0.5 oz) dry vermouth 15ml…
carousel london interior

The Botanist x Carousel London

Today begins a residency that lasts through London Cocktail…
cloud forest path

Welcome to Clavijero Botanic Garden

"I have a bias towards orchids," says Milton Diaz, curator of…
Bottling The Botanist in Islay

How The Botanist Came to Be - Part 3

After we distil The Botanist, it’s time to house it in the…
Inside the stillhouse

How the Botanist Came to Be - Part 2

Continuing the story of the creation of The Botanist Gin on…
Duncan MacGillivray above the distillery on Islay

How The Botanist Came to Be - Part 1

The Botanist was born of a mixture of strong personalities,…

Two waters, three uses

There are two vital sources of water that feed The Botanist…
Botanical gardens

The Botanist X Botanic Gardens Conservation International

The Botanist joins forces with BGCI to further the conservation…
Ellen foraging
a wild pink rose

To a Wild Rose

Forager Alexander McNaughton, of Vancouver Island BC shares…
woods and mosses biodiversity

What is biodiversity and why should we care?

On the face of it, biodiversity is simply the ecological variety…
the horizon loch indaal

The Botanist Foundation - background

For a few years now we’ve been quietly investing in non-profit…
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