Profiles of some of the chefs, foragers, bartenders, team members and interesting people with whom we’re working.

Bottling The Botanist in Islay

How The Botanist Came to Be - Part 3

After we distil The Botanist, it’s time to house it in the…
Inside the stillhouse

How the Botanist Came to Be - Part 2

Continuing the story of the creation of The Botanist Gin on…
Duncan MacGillivray above the distillery on Islay

How The Botanist Came to Be - Part 1

The Botanist was born of a mixture of strong personalities,…
Ellen foraging

Meet Our Head Distiller Adam Hannett

Adam is an Ileach – a man born and raised on the Scottish…
South Islay_looking_roots


Kate Hannett is an Islay-raised, well-travelled, Geography graduate,…
steven aantoon at Islay Wild

Introducing Steven Hanton

Sometimes, in our line of work, when we are seeking a closer…
katie smith

A Day in the Life of Katie Smith

Katie Smith is our Communications Manager for the Botanist.…


Long before this crisis, on being asked what was her favourite…
Botanist screening at Norval Foundation

Wild Cinema, South Africa

A outdoor screening at the Norval Foundation, Cape Town, provides the perfect setting to hear the stories in our Wild - A State of Mind short film series
Adam Hannett making gin

Adam's Story

Now in his thirties, Adam Hannett spends a growing proportion of his time as the Head Distiller of a progressive whisky company making gin. How did that happen?
Philip Stark - Berkeley USA

The Stark Effect

Meet forager, bare-foot runner, statistician, Dean and all round purveyor of knowledge Philip Stark from the University of California.
philip stark

Profile: Philip Stark

Philip was a guest at our foragers’ summit in Islay, June 2019.…
Nick Weston

Nick Weston - Itchin for fishin

Unassuming, calm and collected, Nick Weston is a man of intrigue. Director, owner, chef, hunter and forager of Hunter, Gather, Cook Nick is a busy man but a man with strong ideals and a proactive manner. 
Nick Lui - Chef

Finding Toronto

Nurdin Topham - nur x cub

Nourishing Gastronomy: introducing Nurdin Topham

Nurdin Topham's NUR Hong Kong won a michelin star soon after opening. Here he shares some of his background and philosophy of food.