Real Food

An enriched approach to what we eat – seasonally changing, locally informed, personally switched on – is what we see as real food. Recipes and articles from around the world.

foraged cookies with bay nuts

Bay Nut Butter cookies

As baked by @philipbstark, tasted by @katehannett...  Kate…
foraging hedge mustard London

NUR x CUB pop-up

Chef Nurdin Topham shows us his workings for the "Nourishing…
How to eat (fried) tree leaves

How to eat (fried) tree leaves

Sometimes you can miss what later seems easy and obvious, which is why I was so pleased when I found a recipe for deep fried tree leaves.
Sea Water and Edible Flower Pizza Bread Recipe

Fire and Flowers


Bedstraw Cheese

I set about testing out the method with the last of some bedstraw that my parent's are lucky to have growing around the more wild peripherals of their coastal garden.
Kelp and cocoa icecream

Kelp and Cocoa Ice cream

This is the trifecta of kelp recipes. Unusually, this particular seaweed ice cream recipe is for sweet treats and not a sea veg dish.
Liz Knight's wild freezer

A foragers' freezer

One day cupboards couldn’t close for the bulge of the wild, so I started filling my freezer with my finds & something magic happened.

Mermaid Soup Recipe

This seaweed and mussel broth recipe takes just 15 minutes to make and is very healthy and comforting - a perfect chicken noodle soup substitute
Sea Scone

Sea Lettuce Sea Scone recipe

This is an easy to make, delicious and nutritious coastal take on the tea scone.
foraged meal salad course

Eating Islay

Rose family dessert - Craig Grozier

Rose tinted martini glasses

The Rose you know...Roses, the flowering plants, grow commonly throughout the northern hemisphere, and it’s no revelation to use them in food.
Foraging and Creativity - Mark Williams stepping out

Foraging and Creativity

The constraints of season and terroir should be a springboard for creativity, not an anchor. Foraging tutor Mark Williams explains...
wild game flavours - venison

He Got Game

How cooking game can be more inspiring and resonant, underpinned by good relationships with the hunter.
elderflower cheesecake

Sambocade - Rosewater and Elderflower cheese tart

Sambocade is an almost forgotten British recipe dating back to at least 1390AD
Local Terroir

When Terroir Strikes!

Central to my philosophy in all my cooking is an extreme focus on locality and seasonality. The French refer to this as ‘terroir’ in their wine making.