Real Food

An enriched approach to what we eat – seasonally changing, locally informed, personally switched on – is what we see as real food. Recipes and articles from around the world.

Elderflower Fritters

Elderflower, a quintessentially summer flavour commonly used…
wild garlic flowers

After Wild Garlic

It’s the time of year to stop piling baskets high with umami…

Carqueja Rice with Gorse, by Liz Knight

Friend and Forager, Liz Knight shares her rice recipe using gorse…

Preservation - Brining

We've benefitted from Forager Liz Knight's writing and knowledge…
pickled chestnuts

Fallachan Festive Recipes

Our long-term collaborator and inspired wild chef Craig Grozier…

Fermented Beetroot

In the northern hemisphere tis the season for stocking up the…
Kohlrabi plant

Pickled Kohlrabi

carousel london interior

The Botanist x Carousel London

Today begins a residency that lasts through London Cocktail…

Nettle Pakora

Here's a foraged pakora or bhaji recipe, from Tulsi in our…

Wild Garlic Pasta

It is a luxury to have space and the outdoors accessible to…
build your own cold smoker

Build your own cold smoker

Who doesn’t like a smokey flavour in their foods? Including…
wild garlic pesto

Wild Garlic Pesto

This recipe is from Louise Conn who works as a distillery host…
foraged cookies with bay nuts

Bay Nut Butter cookies

As baked by @philipbstark, tasted by @katehannett...  Kate…
foraging hedge mustard London

NUR x CUB pop-up

Chef Nurdin Topham shows us his workings for the "Nourishing…
How to eat (fried) tree leaves

How to eat (fried) tree leaves

Sometimes you can miss what later seems easy and obvious, which is why I was so pleased when I found a recipe for deep fried tree leaves.
Sea Water and Edible Flower Pizza Bread Recipe

Fire and Flowers

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