Real Food

An enriched approach to what we eat – seasonally changing, locally informed, personally switched on – is what we see as real food. Recipes and articles from around the world.

The spirit of Slow Food

The spirit of Slow Food

Inspired by the thirty year odyssey of Carlo Petrini, the founder of the ' Slow Food ' movement, that reaction to the most modern and ubiquitous of homogenised commodities

Stinging Nettle Syrup

Gather a carrier bag full of stinging nettle tops, 500ml of water, 750gms sugar and a handful of lemon balm leaves (optional).
Hippocrates Refusing the Presents of Artaxerxes

Hippocrates - Blood, Bile and Phlegm

This idea of four basic 'humours' first arose with Hippocrates in Ancient Greece and was enthusiastically espoused by the Romans
Knotweed Syrup

Knotweed Syrup

The dreaded Japanese knotweed was once imported as a garden exotic, but it escaped into the wild and has spread like crazy over much of the world.
home-made vinegars line up

Make your own vinegar

“Any of the live culture vinegars that I've tasted are always,…
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