Packaging – Leave No Trace


We like a challenge at The Botanist HQ. Finding a way to ensure clean, waterproof and strong packaging for our products, which wasn’t going to use valuable natural resources or create polluting litter, set us on a quest. 

Enter Aquapak – a revolutionary product which has been made into a see-through “leave no trace” plastic bag, which literally disappears before your eyes. It is 100% water soluble, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable; causing none of the issues regular plastic does when we dispose of it. 

If you’ve visited us at the distillery and bought any of our clothing this year, it’s likely it came in one of these bags. Although it looks like a regular piece of plastic wrapping, pop it in hot water (over 70 degrees) and it literally melts away – leaving only the ink from the words printed on the outside, and that ink is completely marine safe. 

Our distillery’s commitment to the environment and wider community was one of the things which earned us B Corp status – a short hand for using our business as a force for good. It was our fellow B Corp company Finisterre, who helped develop the technology for these magic bags – which basically break down into water, carbon dioxide and ‘mineralised biomass’; a natural biological breakdown step of the carbon in the material into carbon dioxide and water. 

As a company we have a stated aim to use less and use better.  From production to packaging, we’ve vowed to reduce our impact and our waste. We want to eliminate all unnecessary packaging and encourage our clients to refuse packaging where it is not needed. In addition, we want to be sure the materials we do use are recyclable or re-usable.




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