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Forager Profile – Liz Knight

Liz Knight founded Forage Fine Foods in 2011, supplying what she describes as “simple blends” of flavours in the form […]


Elderflower Fritters

Elderflower, a quintessentially summer flavour commonly used for cordials and syrups. But have you ever tried using whole elderflower heads […]


After Wild Garlic

It’s the time of year to stop piling baskets high with umami rich wild garlic leaves for another year. But […]


Preservation – Brining

We’ve benefitted from Forager Liz Knight‘s writing and knowledge for several years, and even had her company on a few […]


Birch Bitters

Forager Liz Knight on when and how to create birch bitters. Blink for long enough in the early spring & […]


A Scratch Grenadine

Flicking through Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book recently, I was struck by how many of these recipes that have stood the test of time called for grenadine.


Birch Sap Rhapsody

Birch sap is rising. Break a twig from a birch tree and within moments pearls of clear magical birch water will start to drip out.

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