Citrus Flavours

Try making one of our deliciously citrus tasting Botanist gin cocktails at home. Check them out here.

Gin cocktails

Grapefruit and Thyme Gin & Tonic

35ml (1 oz) Botanist Gin Wedge of Grapefruit Sprig…

Clementine and Sage Gin & Tonic

35ml (1oz) The Botanist Gin Ice Wedge of Clementine …

Classic Martini

75ml (2½ oz) The Botanist Gin 15ml (½ oz) dry vermouth …
citrus breeze cocktail

Elderflower and Grapefruit Gin & Tonic

50ml (1½ oz) The Botanist Gin 25ml (¾ oz) Freshly squeezed…

Lemon Balm Martini

25ml (¾ oz) The Botanist Gin 25ml (¾ oz) dry vermouth …
Thyme Bees Knees

Thyme Bees Knees

Marmalade & Thyme Old Fashioned

60 ml (2oz) The Botanist Gin 15 ml (½ oz) Lime Juice 10…

The Regional Botanical

BGM (Botanical Gin Mojito) Japanese style
Summer Botanical

Summer Botanical



Islay Spring

Botanist & Whin on the Rocks
Eucalyptus B&T
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