what is wild?

Wild is practical, resourceful. Wild is a state of mind.

What is wild? Philip Stark - Urban Foraging

what is wild?

Wild isn’t confined to remote and untouched landscapes. It can be found in urban areas, a patch of green sprouting from grey concrete. It’s there on the pavement or up on the ledges of a neglected building. It’s along the hard shoulder, washing up on the shores and exploding on the edges of farmland.

But it can also be found in new approaches to the way in which we connect with the world around us. How we behave, how we eat, how we drink – how we think.

Wild is self-taught and open-source


Something so obvious to generations past that the information got lost along the way. Information with the potential to reconnect us to the world, and one another. It begins with recognition. This is food. And it’s much more than food. Wild is practical, resourceful. Wild is pre-industrial, self-reliant. Wild is all around and inside of us. Wild is a state of mind.

Vijay Mudalier - Singapore

a global community

Wild – A State of Mind features inspirational foragers from our global community. These are people who are at the cutting edge of foraging. They are innovative, creative, purposeful and Inspirational individuals. They are linked by a profound desire to share their knowledge with others.

wild. foraged. distilled.

This community, our community, believes that food and drink should be the ultimate expression of the heart and soul of a people, place and time. That’s how we created The Botanist gin. Using the wild, hand-foraged flavours of our island home, we distilled a rare expression of the heart and soul of Islay.


We’re part of a community of experienced foragers, chefs, and bartenders from all around the world who share interesting perspectives and ideas. If you’d like to know more, sign up below.

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