The Botanist: Sustainability


As custodians of Islay, we are working to reduce the impact of our operations and become more environmentally conscientious in our actions. We must ensure that our impact is positive, and our distillery is left to future generations in a better condition than how we found it. Only with this holistic approach can we improve the quality of life for our planet and our people.

A photo of a wave smashing a rocky shore


We have an ambition to decarbonise our distillery’s production process. We will reduce our carbon emissions and introduce greener sources of energy where possible.

A photo of hands holding a plant with whithe flowers


We will continue our research into sustainable agriculture, exploring the models necessary to make them viable. We will continue to support plant biodiversity on Islay and beyond, partnering with organisations to plan and implement change through The Botanist Foundation.

A photo of a packaging line in the Botanist distillery


We are on a mission to use less and reuse more. From production to packaging, we will reduce our impact and reduce our waste.

A panoramic photo of a lighthouse on the sea shore, clouded sky with falling rain


Our social, economic and environmental impact on this island must be a positive one. Our communities on Islay and beyond will continue to be at the heart of every decision we make.

As of 2020, we’re proud to say that our actions have helped us to achieve B Corp certification. 

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