The Botanist: Foundation


Our mission is to promote the conservation, biodiversity and sustainability of Islay’s plants and wildlife by means of grants and memberships to the benefit of residents and visitors of the island and beyond.

 We work to implement and offer support to conservation programmes appropriate to the maintenance of sustainable populations of key plant species and pollinators through consultation with qualified external authorities.

Our Impact

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Student Bursaries

The foundation offers financial support for applicants living on Islay and wishing to study and pursue careers relevant to the ethos of the foundation. This support will not be restricted to academic institutions but will also apply to internships, apprenticeships, and other practical learning environments where the applicant would not be able to pursue their education without financial help.

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We offer funding to organisations working in the fields of conservation, biodiversity and sustainability. Although we work primarily with local organisations, we will support other compatible bodies by way of project funding, memberships and donations. We will look favourably upon funding proposals concerning the sustainability and conservation of national biodiversity out with Islay, however, Islay based projects will always be our priority.

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What is The Botanist Foundation?

The Botanist Foundation was set up by Bruichladdich Distillery on the Isle of Islay in 2015 to work with the people of Islay and beyond to further the understanding and conservation of the island’s biodiversity.

What does it fund?

The aim of The Botanist Foundation is to work with the people of Islay and beyond in the fields of biodiversity, conservation and sustainability. We focus on plants and the factors that affect them including climate change, habitat loss and transformation, over and under exploitation, alien invasive species, pollution, clearing for agriculture and other developments.

How do I apply?

If you are a student on Islay wishing to apply for a grant to pursue further education please read our finding guidelines and apply here. Organisations wishing to apply should read our guidelines for project funding here

Is there anything it doesn’t fund?

We are sorry but we will not be able to consider applications for funding for projects associated with projects incompatible with the Funding Strategy outlined in our application page and:

  • Religious practices
  • Health and medical services other than plant-based research
  • Retrospective funding
  • People and animal welfare charities