The Botanist: The Botanist Cask Aged Gin

The Botanist Cask Aged Gin


The Botanist Cask Aged Gin showcases Bruichladdich distillery’s Botanical expertise and whisky-making heritage. Our Islay dry gin has been matured in fine casks for a minimum of three years, resulting in a rich copper cuvée.

Notes of dried fruit and toasted oats, rendered by time in wood, marry with fragrant botanicals. The result is a gin that defies convention.

Size: 70cl (46% ALC./VOL.)
Gluten-Free, Vegan

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A new gin experience
shaped by cask,
time and expertise.

Aged for a minimum of 3 years in fine Islay casks. Our 22 botanicals have matured, then blended to reveal spiced barrel oak & dark fruit layers.

Elegant. Captivating. Distinctive.


This rich copper spirit opens with notes of fresh, ripe fruits, candied orange and light juniper. Clean, crisp apple and watermelon and tropical fruits of mango, peach and dried banana mingle with sweet, sugared almonds and lightly toasted oak.

An intricate combination of floral botanicals, juniper, brown sugar and leathery tobacco, sweet pastry, ginger and nutmeg from the heart of the wood speak of the harmony and integration of the oak and spirit.


The mouthfeel is creamy and viscous. Sweet, fresh fruit blends with vanilla ice cream with toasted oak. The length and complexity on the palate is a testament to the time in oak and the careful selection of casks to compliment the complex botanicals and the wonderful balance they possess.

The depth of the oak and the gentle earthy spices warm the palate while allowing the floral and herbal notes of the Botanist to remain at the heart of the profile.


On the finish, the tropical fruit notes linger.

Oaky vanilla fades and grilled pineapple and mango puree last on the palate with subtle hints of crushed coriander, candied orange, fragrant juniper and sweet cassia.


The depth and complexity of the Botanist is further enhanced by years of ageing in the finest quality casks.

The influences that shape and mature this spirit are drawn from deep within the wood - we have watched and waited until the time is right to share this exceptional spirit.