Our future intentions
Sustainability strategy


To reduce our carbon footprint, we look to short, medium and long-term energy solutions.

To build energy infrastructure for the future, our next actions will tackle weighty issues requiring significant investment and long-term commitment. We are faced with additional complexity than our mainland counterparts due to the island’s lack of renewable capabilities. Potential options are being considered regarding timelines and our on-site energy requirements, knowing that we have many different areas requiring power, including the distillery itself, warehousing, on-site accommodation including two guest houses bottling halls and our Shore House Croft and outbuildings.

  • Short term

    Feasibility Study

    We are in Stage 1 of a renewables feasibility study

  • Medium Term

    Steam Generation

    We are looking at alternatives to energy and fuel for generating the steam requirements of our distillery

  • Long Term

    Tidal, Biomass & Hydropower

    We will further investigate the most appropriate renewable energy options

Our focus here is to reduce our emissions in our most immediate areas of influence. We are also entering discussions with our suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint across our indirect activities.

Agriculture & Biodiversity

The Botanist is at its core, an expression of Islay. Its bouquet of flavours comes from the 22 hand-foraged botanicals that are sustainably harvested across the island. The changing seasons and their bounty have been front of mind since its creation. As such, we’ve made it our mission to support the island through the creation of The Botanist Foundation. Inaugurated in 2015, the aim of The Botanist Foundation is “To work with the people of Islay and beyond to further the understanding and conservation of the island’s biodiversity.”

In the creation of our single malt whiskies, we will continue to be progressive in our approach to agriculture. Find out more about Bruichladdich Distillery.

Our intentions for the future are ambitious. These may evolve over time but we believe in thinking big, starting small, but starting today. We will:

Continue to support PlantLife and Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Further our work with the RSPB on Islay through providing foraging walks to raise funds and support the Nature of Scotland Awards

Provide year on year funding for a PHD student to study Scottish juniper and its conservation

Support the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) in their mission to stop the extinction of plants through providing funding for their annual Global Botanic Garden Fund.

Packaging & Waste

From production to disposal, our products and processes will leave as little impact and waste on the environment as possible. We started with our individual impact and removed single use plastic from all of our sites including bottled water and carrier bags. Happily, our beautiful glass bottles are already 100% recyclable. We know there is much more to do, so our packaging strategy launching later this year will see us:

Use Better

We’re choosing more sustainable suppliers for our packaging.


Encourage clients and customers to re-use as much as possible.

Our ambition is to not only eradicate our waste to landfill but to use waste as a resource to the best of our ability and create circularity in our production lifecycle:

  • Implementing composting facilities
  • Effluent management systems
  • Water usage management

Islay & Community

Since our renaissance in 2001, the island of Islay has been at the very heart of our business decision making. We have a strong sense of responsibility to Islay and the people who live here. To us, this means spreading the economic benefit of the spirits industry into our community, whether that’s direct, through our employment, or indirectly through our opportunities in farming, haulage, hospitality or construction.

In 2015, directors at the distillery formed The Botanist Foundation to conserve and improve biodiversity on Islay. The Foundation has supported numerous local causes, including an Islay Pollinator project, verge study, donations to The Islay Community Garden, and offers a bursary to an Islay High School student to help fund their higher education.

We see no point in our future where our community’s commitments will waver, whether that be through our people, our Islay centric process, volunteering or in our local projects. More information on our progress to date can be read in our timeline.

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