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Go wild with Mark Williams

We asked forager Mark Williams what he gets out of wild stuff that he doesn’t get anywhere else. MW: So much really! […]


Forager Profile – Mark Williams

We are very glad to have Mark Williams, Scotland’s only full-time foraging tutor, with us regularly on Islay, sharing some of his knowledge of native plants


Introducing Mark Williams, Forager

Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods is Scotland’s only full-time foraging tutor. Here he writes a few words about his recent visit to Islay


Foraging and Creativity

The constraints of season and terroir should be a springboard for creativity, not an anchor. Foraging tutor Mark Williams explains…


Foragers Summit 2018

A self-confessed ‘reluctant forager’, our intern Hannah Carmichael shares her thoughts with us on our recent foragers summit.  The first […]


Carrot Family Bitters

There are members of the carrot family growing wild and in abundance that are potentially fatal – you must be able to tell apart the different species with 100% certainty


Sea Arrowgrass

It turns out this was sea arrowgrass, Triglochin maritima, which is not in any of the foraging guidebooks.


Scotlands Natural Larder

Scotlands Natural Larder Training the trainer event. Teaching responsible foraging in Gaelic  with Mark Williams  from Galloway Wild Foods and Roddy […]