No Perfect Serve?


Walk into any bar, in any part of the world, and you’ll be able to order one of the word’s most popular alcoholic drinks – the gin and tonic! And for a garnish? Lemon, or lime if you’re fancy.

Traditionally, British officers posted to malarial areas of the empire would add gin and lime to their medicinal quinine to make it more palatable, and the G&T was born. The ratios may have changed slightly, but gin + tonic + lime really is the standard.

The 2009 gin renaissance came along with a new school of thought on how to serve the G&T. Spain led the charge with their balloon glasses, filled to the brim with ice, and new garnishes became popular, recommended to compliment the flavour profiles of specific gins. The ‘perfect serve’ was born…

The perfect serve makes sense – it makes it easy to order your gin of choice in a bar, for both you and the bartender. It’s standard, it manages expectations. But it also takes the element of experimentation out of the equation. It’s one size fits all, and as is so often the case, we actually find that one size fits none…

We’re often asked, “What is The Botanist gin’s perfect serve?” and the answer is, we don’t have one. It took some experimentation to create The Botanist from the original 33 Islay botanicals that were identified by local botanical scientists, The Gullivers. And that was part of the fun, part of the journey.

Why would we deny the fundamental human desire for excitement and experimentation? Why would we play into the globalisation of food and the homogenisation of flavour? Why would we deny the personal?  Simply put, we wouldn’t.

The variety of flavours and the complex, slow distillation of The Botanist have combined to create a gin that lends itself to many tastes. The floral elements of the gin can be pulled out, or the herbal. If you prefer menthol notes, those are there too. Citrus? We’ve got you covered. These flavours can all be enhanced with different garnishes and mixers depending on your taste and whatever plants are in their most plentiful and fragrant season wherever you are in the world.

We’d love it if you set out to explore and took us on that journey with you. Question, like we did, what is local to you? How does seasonal availability affect your choices? What flavours do you prefer? We guarantee you’ll be able to find a serve that’s perfect for you.

Here’s our flavour wheel as a starter for 10. Share your findings on Instagram with us by tagging us @thebotanistgin or use the #TheBotanistGin.

22 Islay botanicals




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