Rosehip Highball

By Jane Carswell


Created for the gin tours at the distillery. We are at a junction of the seasons, when both rose petals and rosehips are available – sometimes even on the same plant – so we made a drink celebrating their flavours.

  • 15ml Rose petal infused gin
  • 20ml The Botanist
  • 15ml rosehip syrup
  • 10ml lemon juice
  • Barspoon Campari
  • Dash tonic – we used fevertree mediterranean as it adds a little sweetness.


Fill a Collins glass with ice, add all ingredients save the tonic and stir, then top with tonic and stir again. Garnish with a freshly picked rosehip.

Rosehips, the fruit of the rose, are filled with tiny hairs which are itchy, so they are normally processed before use in syrups or sauces. To make the syrup, cover rosehips with cold water and put on heat until the skins start to burst. Blend and pass through a Muslin, fine chinois, or new jay cloth out of the packet. Weigh the filtered liquid and mix with an equal weight of caster sugar. Stir until dissolved.

A raw rosehip was fine as glass decoration. We just made a small incision in its side to help balance it on the rim.

Our rosehips were from a vigorous local Rosa rugosa – big open magenta or white petals, and hips fatter than they are long, orange at first and turning to deep crimson.

We’ve made rose petal gin from the same bank of Rosa rugosa before too, but on this occasion we used a variety of smaller garden rose as the petals were more abundant and the fragrance lovely. Pick a kilner  jar full, cover with gin, seal and leave overnight. Strain.

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